Surrogate Alternatives
Our agency has been around the longest in San Diego County, since 1998. We have worked with over 2,000 couples globally and have had the privilege of being a part of the birth of over 1,500 babies.

Our surrogates & egg donors are criminally screened prior to acceptance as well as medically and psychologically screened after they are matched. The professionals involved in your arrangement are trained in this specialized field, which helps to ensure a smooth journey and the ability to make sure all of your rights as aparent are protected in every way. We are one of the few agencies that offer profiles of available surrogate mothers at no-charge to our clients.
La Joya IVF
La Jolla IVF, Dr. David B. Smotrich, and the Medical Support Team are committed to finding solutions for each person seeking care from us. Our embryology team has over 100 years of collective experience with human IVF.

La Jolla IVF’s mission is to provide the highest standard of fertility care to all patients desiring such care. In other words the center does not turn away patients. We offer individualized, innovative, state-of-the-art treatment options to patients while remaining committed to providing these technologies at the most affordable prices possible. This philosophy ensures treatment availability to the widest array of patients.

La Jolla IVF is committed to providing this care in a relaxing, award winning facility which includes a state-of-the-art embryology laboratory, an in-house operating suite, and a fully staffed recovery area.
Reproductive Law Center
Our law practice is dedicated to assisted reproductive law and family formation (parental rights) law. We represent all types of clients including intended parent(s), surrogates, egg donors, embryo donors, and sperm donors.

Reproductive Law Center, Inc. was founded by Thomas M. Pinkerton, who has provided assisted reproduction and family formation law services for over 20 years. Knowing firsthand the happiness that assisted reproduction can bring to a family, Attorney Pinkerton along with Attorney Michelle A. Keeyes, has tailored Reproductive Law Center to deliver the gold standard in legal services. Clients will always find knowledgably and friendly staff when working with Reproductive Law Center, Inc.